SUNY Potsdam: Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Note: all phone numbers are 315-267-xxxx.
  Dept. Head:   Bernadette S Tiapo
  Dept. Secretary:   Tammy J McCarthy-Burnett
  Dept. Address: Sisson Hall S221
  Dept. Phone: 2184
  Dept. Fax: 2496
  Dept. E-mail:

Department Members
Kathryn E Agar Kathryn E Agar

Title: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Assistant
Phone: 2655
Office: Sisson Hall 214
Tewentenhawihtha Aldrich Tewentenhawihtha Aldrich

Title: Coordinator of Native American Affairs
Phone: 2211
Office: Sisson Hall 218
Stacey L Basford Stacey L Basford

Title: Title IX, Affirmative Action, & Compliance Officer
Phone: 2516
Office: Van Housen Extension S392
Clifton H Harcum Clifton H Harcum

Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 3082
Office: Sisson Hall 220
Tammy J McCarthy-Burnett Tammy J McCarthy-Burnett

Title: Administrative Assistant 1
Phone: 2184
Office: Sisson Hall 221
Michael J Popovic Michael J Popovic

Title: Coordinator for International Studies/Gender and Sexuality Co-Coordinator
Phone: 2740
Office: Satterlee Hall 307
Tammy P Snell Tammy P Snell

Title: CSTEP Director
Phone: 2346
Office: Sisson Hall S212
Mary E. Stickney Mary E. Stickney

Title: NCSTEP Director
Phone: 2584
Office: Sisson Hall S204
Bernadette S Tiapo Bernadette S Tiapo

Title: Associate Vice President / Chief Diversity Officer
Phone: 2184
Office: Raymond Hall 710
Cailey C Underhill Cailey C Underhill

Title: Gender and Sexuality Coordinator
Phone: 3272
Office: Sisson Hall S217