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Richard J. Del Guidice

Richard J. Del Guidice

Title: Professor Emeritus, Politics/Major Advisor
Department: Faculty Emeriti
Home Phone: (315) 265-8948
Home Address: 1574 White Hill Road
Home City: Parishville
Home State/Zip: NY 13672
E-mail: delguirj@potsdam.edu
Office: default office

Dr. Del Guidice received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He began his career at Potsdam in 1968 when he was hired to teach courses in American Politics.

Over the years his interests have focused on areas related to the law. He teaches Constitutional Law in which students are required to write case briefs and present oral defense of positions they have taken. He has also been very interested in the relationship between law and biomedical issues, e.g., if it is known that an individual carries a genetic trait that can lead to the development of a serious illness in middle age, should that information be available to an employer?

Dr. Del Guidice also serves as one of the two pre-law advisors in the Department. The department is justifiably proud of their record of getting students into law school and, more importantly, the quality of work they do once they get there.