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    All phone numbers are 315-267-xxxx
    A Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Accommodative Services32673268Webpage
    Alumni Relations21203172Webpage
    Associated Colleges33312389Webpage
    Athletics & Physical Education34842316Webpage
    B Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Bridges Program27023268Webpage
    Business Administration31653024Webpage
    Business Affairs4875 Webpage
    C Phone Fax Dept. Site
    C&I, Literacy and Special Education25352145Webpage
    Campus Life20133215Webpage
    Campus Ministry26803215Webpage
    Career Services25072811Webpage
    Center for Applied Learning25072811Webpage
    Center for Creative Instruction4820 Webpage
    Center for Diversity21843061Webpage
    Center for Lifelong Education and Recreation21673350Webpage
    Center for School Partnerships and Teacher Certification34503327Webpage
    Center for School Partnerships and Teacher Certification- Student Teaching Supervisors2517 Webpage
    College Communications21142151Webpage
    College Store25732343Webpage
    College Writing Center30593256Webpage
    Collegiate Science And Technology Entry Program26223343Webpage
    Community Performance Series22772869Webpage
    Computer Science2206 Webpage
    Computing & Technology Services44443169Webpage
    Counseling Center23302228Webpage
    Crane Institute for Music Business21032972Webpage
    Crane School of Music27752413Webpage
    Crane Youth Music26162413Webpage
    D Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Dean of Students21173215 
    Department of State3025  
    Dining Services26572698Webpage
    Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion28912496Webpage
    E Phone Fax Dept. Site
    EAP  Webpage
    Early College Programs30223327Webpage
    Economics2206 Webpage
    Educational Opportunity Program23354890Webpage
    Elementary Education25352145Webpage
    English & Communication20053256Webpage
    Enrollment Management28912115 
    Environmental Health and Safety2596 Webpage
    Environmental Studies27682743Webpage
    Experiential Education23442811Webpage
    F Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Faculty Emeriti   
    Financial Aid21623067Webpage
    G Phone Fax Dept. Site
    General Education Program28912115Webpage
    Geology2286 Webpage
    Gibson Gallery32904884Webpage
    Graduate & Continuing Education Instructional Staff47223088Webpage
    Graduate and Continuing Education47223350Webpage
    H Phone Fax Dept. Site
    History4910 Webpage
    Honors Program29002811Webpage
    Human Resources48162170Webpage
    I Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Institutional Effectiveness48722327Webpage
    Interdisciplinary Studies22062797 
    International Education & Programs25072811Webpage
    Intramurals, Recreation and Club Sports315-267-2307  
    L Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Literacy Education25352145Webpage
    M Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Mathematics-Summer REU Program20642806Webpage
    Modern Languages20532656Webpage
    N Phone Fax Dept. Site
    North Country Migrant Education Program25102771 
    North Country Science and Technology Entry Program26223343Webpage
    O Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Orchestra Of Northern New York3251 Webpage
    P Phone Fax Dept. Site
    PACES Administrative Services21473099Webpage
    Physical Plant21352777Webpage
    Physical Plant/Campus Mail Services2186 Webpage
    Physical Plant/Central Printing Services20542597 
    Physical Plant/Central Receiving2600  
    Physical Plant/Custodial Services23252777 
    Physical Plant/Garage26023200 
    Physical Plant/Grounds32023200 
    Physical Plant/Heating Plant26033200 
    Physical Plant/Stockroom26012597 
    Physical Plant/Trades25993200 
    Politics4910 Webpage
    Potsdam Auxiliary College Educational Services30963099Webpage
    Potsdam College Foundation30543172Webpage
    Potsdam Institute for Applied Research27182097Webpage
    President's Office21002496Webpage
    Presidential Scholars28282811Webpage
    Provost & Academic Affairs28912115Webpage
    Public Health & Human Performance23063189Webpage
    Purchasing & Payables21403111Webpage
    R Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Rebecca V. Sheard Literacy Center25092688Webpage
    Research & Sponsored Programs21313120Webpage
    Residence Life23502351Webpage
    S Phone Fax Dept. Site
    SUNY ITEC  Webpage
    SUNY Potsdam Child Care Center23913443Webpage
    SUNY SICAS Center21973001Webpage
    School of Arts & Sciences22313140Webpage
    School of Educ. & Professional Studies25152145Webpage
    Secondary Education25352145Webpage
    St. Lawrence Valley Teachers' Learning Center315-386-4504 ext: 15113  
    St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES   
    Student Accounts21373438Webpage
    Student Affairs21173215 
    Student Conduct & Community Standards25793215Webpage
    Student Fellowship Program32283336Webpage
    Student Government Association25882798Webpage
    Student Health Services23773260Webpage
    Student Mail Service2730 Webpage
    Student Research & Creativity29002811Webpage
    Student Success Center25803268Webpage
    Summer Session47224802Webpage
    T Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Teacher / Leader Quality Partnerships Program2508 Webpage
    Teacher Education Undergraduate Advising Office34293327Webpage
    The Art Museum32904884Webpage
    Theatre and Dance25564333Webpage
    U Phone Fax Dept. Site
    USDA Wildlife Services22882241 
    UUP3177 Webpage
    Union Market37093144Webpage
    University Police22222002Webpage
    V Phone Fax Dept. Site
    W Phone Fax Dept. Site
    Watertown Extension Center(315) 267-4722(315) 267-3088Webpage
    Wilderness Education 2987Webpage
    Winterim Session21654802Webpage
    Women's and Gender Studies Program33543337Webpage